Friday, May 19, 2017

Simple and practical continuous delivery for your library

Below article was already shared with you on LinkedIn in early May. We are in middle May so let's refresh it and fill out any gaps! This article is about Mockito release tools, not so much about mocking Java code. Let's get started!


Imagine the world where you call pull in a new version of some Open Source library and not worry if it breaks compatibility. Imagine that you can submit a pull request to some project, have it reviewed timely, and have the new version with your fix available to you in minutes after your PR is merged. Imagine that for any dependency you consider upgrading, you can view its neatly and consistently maintained release notes. Imagine that you can set up practical Continuous Delivery automation in your project in minutes, by using a well behaving and documented Gradle plugin. Imagine that you can focus on code and features while the release management, versioning, publishing, release notes generation is taken care for you automagically.

This is the goal of the new Open Source project that me and a couple of friends started cooking together. We used to call it "mockito release tools" because it originates from the release automation goodness we developed for project. Mockito is the most popular mocking framework for Java and it is used by 2M users.

We found a name that captures the our mission very well. "Shipkit" - a toolkit for shipping it! Check it out at

True North Star

The goal is to provide easy-to-setup Continuous Delivery tooling. We would like other teams to take advantage of rapid development, frictionless releases and semantic versioning just like we do it in Mockito. We plan to make our release tools generic and neatly documented. It will be a set of libraries and Gradle plugins that greatly simplify enabling Continuous Delivery for software libraries.

Beyond the North Star

The project is getting some steam and there are already 4 contributors. I wanted to shout out what we are doing because... we are getting more ambitious and the goals of the project are getting broader in scope. After all, if we don't want to conquer the world, then why bother? :)

We need help

If the project goals speak to your engineering heart join our efforts! You can help with
  • Implementing features - see issues marked with "please contribute" label.
  • Spreading the word of what we're doing, letting us know about other project with similar goals. You can our issue tracker for reaching out.

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